HR Ideas worth exploring

As part of my qualifications, I feel I should be bringing some ideas to the table that can help the Ogden School District attract, retain and motivate a qualified employee base. Here are a couple of ideas that could be explored that could enhance the success of the Ogden School District. They might need to be refined and receive input and approval from various groups to be effectively implemented, but the concept and framework are sound.  They address some of the possible improvements that could bolster the reputation of the district to make it the flagship among school districts as the premier employer in the field of education.  The beauty of most of these ideas is that not only does the quality of education improve, but in many cases, the costs to the district can be reduced: definitely a win-win

Idea #1: Cash Incentives to NOT Use District Health Insurance:

A great deal of a school districts expenses are used to fund health insurance plans.  Too often, families that have two working spouses will be double covered by paying premiums for both insurance plans.  As the district often carries the majority share of this expense, a cash incentive might offset the number of employees enrolling in the districts health plan.  This can be mutually benefitial for both the employee and the district.

Idea #2: Career Teacher Retention Plan:

To help attract and retain the best teachers, small steps can create giant rewards.  I have in mind a simple accounting change that will allow career teachers the ability to receive between $20,000 and $150,000 more throughout their retirement years.  The monthly net pay would be the same as it currently is, and the district would need to pay a bit more each month into the retirement system, but the retention of highly qualified and motivated teachers will surely offset the $60 – $150 per month / per teacher cost.  This will help with the morale of the district employees to know the district has their best interest in mind as they perform the difficult task of improving education and facilitating success in the lives of their students.

Idea #3: Better Education, Less Cost, Teacher Retention: 

This plan is based on finding a way to allow teachers to use a full year of accumulated sick leave credit towards a year of early retirement.  This was the area of my Master’s Degree Research Project, so I have studied the results at length. Imagine how careful you would be with your sick leave if you knew that once you have accumulated a full year, that you could retire one year early with full benefits. The federal government implemented this plan on their old civil service retirement system and saved them huge amounts of money spent on sick leave benefits.  The cost savings for a school district would be even greater because when a teacher is absent, a substitute is required and an additional expense is incurred above and beyond the regular pay for the teacher.  There is an added benefit that the regular classroom teacher will be engaging his or her students with high quality instruction rather than relying on a substitute that might not have the same high abilities and knowledge of student achievement as the regular classroom teacher.

In addition to my qualifications in various aspects of school district functions, I will bring with me some  ideas that can be perfected and implemented for the ultimate benefit of the students we serve.