I am a big idea thinker.  I have a degree in Math and Physics, so difficult problems don’t scare me, they challenge me.  Complex problems require complex solutions, and both have implications that reach beyond the obvious.  I find it challenging and exhilerating to develop efficient solutions to difficult issues.  One of my favorite caveates of Physics is the search for efficiency.  This leads my analysis to always strive for the most “bang for the buck”.  Often good ideas are dismissed before they have been explored fully.  I enjoy the challenge of exploration and receiving feedback to test the viability and efficiency of ideas.

I have been a professional educator for 17 years in the Weber School District.  I have a Master’s degree in Education and I have taught Physics, Math, Financial Literacy and a few other subjects as needed.  I understand the public school environment, and know what is needed to engage students in effective learning activities.

I am also a Realtor in the Ogden area.  This has given me further insight into interpersonal relationships and motivations for successful negotiations.  This has also helped me to utilize current technology in the forums of marketing, communication and web presence.

The combination of Real Estate and Teaching have helped me develop a set of skills that a Human Resource manager needs.  I have the ability to be clear and direct, as well as the ability to find out what people want or need in a negotiation.  As Director of Human Resources, sometimes the approach requires a firm and distinct response, while other times compassion and understanding are necessary.  I can determine the appropriate method, and have the ability to communicate effectively.

I have also completed 4 of the 5 required courses toward sitting for the exam to be a Certified Financial Planner, and I will be finishing the final course by the end of 2012. The courses provide knowledge and training in several aspects of financial planning,  many involving issues such as insurance benefits, retirement and employer rules for benefit administration that have a direct correlation to the duties in Human Resource Management.

Many years of education, training and experience have given me the qualities that I can utilize to help bring the Ogden School District into it’s greatest generation ever.